Eminence believes that success is found in intersectionality. Without community member’s involvement, no project will be successful. Local input is integral to completing a project. For example, we must involve pluralism in the ownership of businesses. In many business examples, dangerous cost-cutting methods, like putting formalin in produce is often done as there the individual decided they must do so in order to feed their family. Starvation wages are often unavoidable in our current situation. However, the case is made for pluralism, in that multiple owners of a business would have equal shares in the reputation of their brand. Thus, one person’s emergency would be put off if more partners decided the cost analysis was not worth the risk of bad business practices. Then as a community, they can also work on ensuring the business partner does not starve that season. Development is a difficult task. There are many legal hurdles, and societal pressures to overcome. The challenge to be ethical while trying to have the best economic output is not a simple job, but we are an experienced group that has faced this and more before and have risen to the challenge with success, and will continue to do so in future endeavors.
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