Eminences IRB has five members. These members include three academicians, one religious leader, and one beneficiary representative. They meet monthly to review human rights, child rights, etc, and to see if Eminence is maintaining proper ethics in all its endeavors. Every two years the IRB board members are newly appointed.

Institutional Review Board


Dr. Mohammod Shahidullah is now working as a Professor and Chairman in the Department of Neonatology in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU). He is appointed as Pro-Vice-Chancellor of BSMMU in March 2009. Currently, he is holding the position of Immediate Past President of Bangladesh Neonatal Forum (BNF), Vice President of Bangladesh Perinatal Society (BPS), Secretary-General of Child Health Foundation, Bangladesh, Secretary-General of Bangladesh Paediatric Association (BPA), and President-Elect of Federation of Asia-Oceania Perinatal Society (FAOPS). He has twenty-eight publications in the National & International journal mostly relating to neonatal health issues. He is the contributor of almost all teaching & training manuals on “Essential Newborn care” available in Bangladesh being used by the Government of Bangladesh and NGOs