Professor Dr. Kazi Maruful Islam

Chairman (June 2012- May 2014)
Executive Committee, Eminence

In developing our country’s current status, the contribution and dedication of the nonprofit organizations are undeniable, among such organization lies the name of Eminence Associates for Social Development. It is not only my honor, but also a matter of great responsibility to become the Chairman of such an organization working solely for the development of the country’s socio-economic status and make a better future for the people of this country. While we continue to gain meaningful monument, we should take note of when it all began. Eminence started its journey in 2003, it mainly focused on the improvement of the marginalized people of Bangladesh. With every growing step it started to spread its wings in the field of health, education, training and research. Not only that, Eminence has contributed greatly in advocacy and policy influencing in the health sector. We continue to stand for what is fair and just even if it meant standing alone. As the time grew, so grew the Eminence Team, energetic and dedicated to work selflessly in the development sector, this team is the main strength of this organization. Eminence has done a tremendous job in maintaining good network Nationally and Internationally. Besides, the mutual goals and global improvement plans has attracted other organizations of such kind to maintain a healthy partner relationship with Eminence. My personal goals for the country and the goals of this organization are of same structured, thus, making my position at this organization both a learning and guiding situation for me. With the baby steps taken, Eminence has covered a long, but the hardship and challenges are yet to come. I believe, with the moral ethics that we share can take us a long, fruitful way of greater achievements and put in the spot light in both national and global platforms.

Professor Dr. Akhtar Hussain

Chairman (June 2014- May 2020)
Executive Committee, Eminence

Becoming the Chairman of an organization is a great responsibility and the journey can be full of lessons learnt and achievements – given that, I am honored to be nominated as the Chairman of Eminence Associates for Social Development. This, much recognized organization, has gained enormous appreciation over the years and It will be my pleasure to work in achieving the existing goals it has set to pursue. As a developing country, Bangladesh has a huge number of sectors which need organizational help to build better community and support the people in need. But to make it a reality, Government support and recognition is much needed. Besides the Government, other nongovernment organizations, national and international donors and the Civil Society Networks can play a vital role. So far, contribution in the health sector of this organization has been recognized and appreciated by many. My fast and foremost duty will be to seek out new partnership opportunities so that our organization can flourish not only in the national level but also internationally. This organization bears high promises with the dedicated team it has assembled. Its unconditional effort to make the life of the normal people a better one is indeed praiseworthy. It is my belief that my onward journey with this organization will be a successful one though a number of challenges wait ahead of us. I look forward to not only preserving the previous legacy of this organization but also to expand and advance upon it.
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