Eminence is a process-oriented organization that provides Institutional and vocational trainings to improve the health and developmental situation. It also arranges IT skills development trainings that are needed to interpret and utilize information around us in the best possible way. It seeks to deeply understand problems and have systems in place that allow it to investigate and identify solutions that work in combination to take the learner’s skills to another level. Need-based trainings are formulated to improve the skills and knowledge of the developmental activists. Also, Eminence has three (03) well-equipped training rooms at its national office for external organizations and institutions to arrange workshops/trainings. It offers different field-based training by arranging skill trainers and training supervisors. Besides, it has an online training wing named “Eminence Professional Development Academy (EPDA)” which is designed to provide training on vast areas, such as; public health, clinical medical education, social science, communication and management, business development, information technology, etc.

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