Dr. Md. Shamim Hayder Talukder

Founder and CEO (2003-2021)

Bangladesh as a nation is growing up in a world that’s changing rapidly, therefore the balance of development is shifting. Yet Innovations are making the world a “global village”. Since its inception in 2003, from Eminence we believe that the development has no boundaries, has no lines and maps. All it has is partnerships and the vision to move forward. In the past decade, we have seen remarkable progress in the country’s human development index but at the same time we have faced some unexpected obstacles. We believe these challenges will shape the future of this nation. With this dream for development, we aim to hold ourselves accountable and track our progress against our strategic priorities. For this, we will draw our technical expertise, organizational strength and worldwide partnerships to fulfill our mission: for creation, promotion, dissemination and translation of evidence-based knowledge into policy and practice, to ensure equity and justice in relation to health and other fundamental needs. Together we will act for the country’s potential, hope and promise for a brighter future—and thereby create a better world for all of us.