Dr. Shams El Arifeen

Founding Chairman (2003-2014)
Executive Committee, Eminence

Eminence Associates for Social Development has made an incredible journey and it has been a privilege for me to be the founding Chairman of the Executive Committee of this organization. Way back in 2003, as the overall living condition of the people of Bangladeshi was very much underdeveloped that the gap between the global and national socio-economic scenario was very much vivid. At that time knowing the challenge of minimizing that gap and divisions, simultaneously cherishing the diversities and differences, Eminence started its expedition with a valiant team. In terms of improving health, education, and financial circumstances many noticeable and potent efforts by Government and Non-Government organizations were also seen at that time. As the Social Development field has always been a fascination for me, the opportunity to work with an organization like Eminence has been serving the purpose effectively. Since the beginning, Eminence has a healthy ecosystem among the members and partner organizations which is the prerequisite for meeting the mutual goals, global achievement, and improvement of communities. In terms of strategic implementation and addressing the harmful trends to replace them with a prosperous movement, more and more people and organizations should be involved in the social development sector. Eminence is a great platform for this engagement to happen which will make sure the execution of a vast range of social activities including training, research, advocacy, and entrepreneurship development which will be a big step to Sustainable Development Goal. With this hope, Eminence has been working with its entirety where I have such opportunity to contribute from my part. The organization has accomplished so much in this short time and I am confident that the best is yet to come. Eminence’s ambition, drive, and accomplishments should be applauded and their activities should serve as an example to the participants of different sectors. I believe, in the coming years, the journey of Eminence will be exciting and thrilling yet challenging.
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