Eminence is highly motivated to spread its wings in the focused thematic areas by developing new partnerships with the private sectors in the country and beyond. Collaborative efforts are sought out and desired when it comes to developing new partnerships. Depending on the partnership and their need, the activities carried out by Eminence varies in the manner of fundraising or ‘resource mobilization’, negotiations for lower product prices, research collaborations, consultations or discussions, arrangements to implement codes of conduct, corporate social responsibility marketing projects, and contracting out public services.

Eminence usually offers their partners three things in partnerships: credibility, expertise, and reach. Credibility extends from using a logo or a spokesperson to gain access to government, academic, and even funding support. Secondly, through our expertise in particular fields, we offer our services to partners who are entering uncharted territories. The partner organization may have its own related expertise but Eminence provides them with access to institutional knowledge and how to be benefited using that particular knowledge. Thirdly, Eminence holds a better position to reach the beneficiaries of social programs to meet the need of their partner.

Although we invite and encourage all kinds of private-sector partnerships, we never engage in any kind of relationship that may be harmful to the society or which contradicts our policies such as; partnership with any Tobacco company or companies that promote supplementary baby food. If your organization/company picks any interest in developing a partnership with Eminence, please contact us at: business@eminence-bd.org   

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