Eminence wants to help communities and services agencies to use research evidence in their decision making. So, development to Eminence coincides with developing evidence besides the overall development of Bangladesh. Accentuating on social, formative and clinical research, Eminence seeks to translate evidence into policy and practice. The long-term aim of Eminence’s research is to promote research in public health and social sciences and to strive for better utilization of the results of such research.

To better understand the current state of health and development, Eminence provides comparable, meticulous and current assessment studies. We measure trends in diseases, epidemiological transformation and risk factors by analyzing national and international data. It is highly important that the decision-makers have prior knowledge on sector wise development to design appropriate prevention programs or intervention activities. Therefore, we collect, use, and analyze identifiable health and development data from health care providers, other agencies, or targeted respondents/individuals to create an enabling policy environment.

Eminence engages in research activities for reasons similar to any researcher’s interests: they seek to explore hypotheses, advance current knowledge, and contribute to the welfare of persons beyond the study itself. Eminence has organized several workshops, seminars and round table discussions to disseminate the study findings amid a larger audience and advocate for proper policy adaptation or reformulation accordingly.