Eminence’s day to day jobs activities include six directorates. Under these directorates run 21 departments and 50 units. These include the Executive Management -(HR, Finance, Administration, Business Development), Technical and Development Science Management such as research activities, Technical Communication and Media Science Management such as communications related activities, Community Business Management like different small and medium sized business management, Capacity Building Management such as training online and in person, and Community Development Management like different community driven programs and activities. Six different directorates lead by directors. For day to day operations management, six operational management committees, comprised of Eminence team members. These teams meet regularly and make recommendations to present to the board of directors. The board of directors take these recommendations under review by the CEO for approval. Outside of that, Eminence takes part in various research projects and programs, and has to get ethical approval from their own Institutional Review Board (IRB). IRB comprises a formal Board of Directors and Operational Management Committees.

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