Our Story

Eminence Associates for Social Development (EASD) emerged as a not-for-profit organization with its brand name ‘Eminence’. The CEO of Eminence was a young child in 1976, Mirpur Bangladesh. There was a lack of access to water, and it had to be procured through a water pump, which was then changed to a water lorry once a day. The pain and discomfort of sourcing freshwater remained poignant in his mind, until 2003. That was when Eminence started to formally form as a source to alleviate the hardships of the Bengali people.

Our Mission

While in Rajshahi for medical school, Dr. Shamim Talukder befriended a blue-collar rickshaw puller, named Habib. He shared with him his wishes for a better future for Bangladesh. After Eminence became established in Dhaka, Habib left his job to support the dream for Bangladesh’s progress. He worked there for 8 months, pouring his soul into caring for the NGO, from cleaning to feeding the employees. When he returned home for a vacation in his village. Habib suffered a deadly fall off of a rooftop and did not return to Dhaka.

Our Values

Those eight months left an impact on Eminence forever. His kind words, stories, and hopeful outlook are still not forgotten. His dreams inspire us to this day, to make his wishes for progress a reality. We are working at Eminence with the dream to ensure equality and equity among poor and wealthy Bangladeshis. We are also looking forward to creating an environmentally aware and sustainable future.
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