Drawing on the research findings and priorities, Eminence runs numbers of programs across the country. Health, nutrition, education, urban health, geriatric care, and community based care are the core areas of its current program. All of Eminence’s initiatives and entrepreneurships are geographically covering more than 30 upazila’s of Bangladesh, reaching out at least 200,000 people at present.

Through this page, you will be able to know about the recent programmatic activities that the Eminence team is involved with.

PROVATEE (Early Childhood Development Program)

Eminence has been implementing program on various aspects of ECD and Emancipation (PROVATEE) since 2007 in urban slums and rural areas. Eminence is running four Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers in different slum clusters in the capital city, Dhaka. The ECD project of Eminence is called PROVATEE. Two of the ECD centers are situated in Mirpur 13 (the north western ward of Dhaka city) in its east and west Baisteki Slum while the rest in Mohammadpur (central Dhaka), Beribadh slum areas. Eminence is providing free ECD service to 100 children in those slum areas. There are four trained and skilled caregivers who are providing care for these children. PROVATEE provides opportunities for enjoyable learning and promote a sense of uniqueness and confidence and this helps children to communicate effectively and boost the interaction skills with others.

Non Communicable Diseases Program (NCDP)

Currently, Eminence is implementing a community-based lifestyle modification intervention along with adherence to medicines among diagnosed NCD patients for delay NCD complications. This project is being implemented among population living with middle income families. The invention has three channels, i) Satellite Clinic, ii) Health Education and iii) Home Visit. Eminence has the monthly household level NCD information from registered patients since 2006. The project is being implemented within a urban context in Mirpur area of Dhaka among 10000 population. Along with the community based NCD project, Eminence is also implementing a Slum based NCD prevention project, which is basically a health education project by which Eminence aims to prevention of NCDs among slum population. The invention has two channels, i) Satellite Clinic and ii) Health Education. This project is being implemented in very densely population slum in Mirpur area of Dhaka.

Homely Endeavour for Lonely Parents (HELP)

HELP means homely endeavor for lonely parents, an Endeavour of Eminence that has been created to provide home based service to the parents of NRBs with the aim to improve their physical, emotional, social, and developmental well being. It focuses on helping people achieve independence in all areas of their living as well as providing with various needs positive and fun activities to improve their cognitive and physical skills. It is a community-based wellness programs that built on the unique strengths and talents of people. HELP assure you to provide highest quality of care and intend to fulfill your requirements with every possible effort. HELP committed to provide everyday feed back through email and will use webcam for audio-visual conversation on demand with parents and their children. Currently the project is being implemented in Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) areas. But special services can be provided up on request with special rate. 

Infant & Young Child Feeding Program (IYCFP)

Eminence is implementing an urban IYCF intervention program I Mirpur-13 and 14 of Dhaka City in Bangladesh which include both the slum and non-slum population of the area from 1st September 2009. Pregnant women and mothers of below 24 months of children is directly benefiting from this program. The objective of the program is to improve the nutritional status of under five children through ‘Infant and Young Child Feeding Program (IYCF) by forming mother support group and making multisectoral collaboration. The program is designed to follow a multidisciplinary collaborative approach to counsel individual mother and the community people with the help of Mother support Group (MSG) and Coordination with different existing channels of the community.

Eminence Community Clinic Program (ECCP)

Eminence mandates to improve access to basic health care and treatment at household and community level though its programs and research. Eminence has very good experience in implementing community intervention for the past eight years. Realizing the health care demand in the remote areas of the country, Eminence extended its interventions to the hard to reach and most impoverished areas of Bangladesh. As of now, Eminence has covered all the 5 Upazilas of Panchgarh District and 10 Upazilas of Brahmanbaria and Thakurgaon Districts. In this course of Eminence’s action, Eminence has been able to reach 50,000 community people. Women, children and adolescents have been emphasized in all the ventures to understand their needs and translate the needs into service. The implementation team and project management unit visits the project areas time to time to ensure improved accountability and increased services.

Urban Demographics and Health Surveillance Program (UDHSP)

Currently, Eminence has scaled-up the project in Mirpur as Urban Demographic and Health Surveillance Program (UDHSP). In this program, not only NCD, but all the burning issues of urban health are being addressed. UDHSP team visits every household and updates the list of residents. Information is collected on all births, deaths, pregnancies, in-, and out-migration at the household level, and changes in marital status and educational attainment are noted. The information is recorded on paper forms and entered into a database at the Eminence office.