• Human Resources, Management and Administrative Committee

Human Resource Management consists of five team members selected by the board of directors. They meet 1-2 times a month, discuss the day to day activities, and do documentation review to give recommendations. This committee is elected every year by the board of directors.

  • Procurement and Maintenance Committee

This committee goes over any purchases and maintenance finances, and meets monthly 1-2 times to discuss and review documentation, and give their recommendations. This committee is selected every year by the board of directors. There are five members in the committee.

  • Business Development and Finance Management Committee

There are eight members in this committee, composed of the 6 from directorates, and one from the business development department and one from the finance department. They meet weekly for proposal and development reviews, and identify business scopes, and discuss financial approvals. There are also monthly meetings regarding the financial documents reviews and budget approval, and set the target for business development. They are selected for one year by the board of directors.

  • Publication and Documentation Committee

There are five members in this committee that review all the publications once a month, and documentation to see if everything is recorded properly. Especially because we are a research organization, the research and data preservation and documentation is a major part of what the committee oversees. This committee is elected for one year by the board of directors.

  • Audit and Accountability Committee

The audit and accountability committee are responsible for the financial auditing and fixed asset evaluation that has to have their depreciation values calculated, proper documentation regulated, and projected activities. These are overseen by five members that meet once a month. The members are selected for a year by the board of directors.

  • Policy and Ethical Review Committee

For managing all kinds of policy and ethical review related issues, Eminence has a formal Policy and Ethical Review Committee – known as the PERC consisting of five members, that meet once a month, and have quarterly meetings to review the 11 policy’s clauses and subclauses for addition or deletion. These policy’s amendments are overseen by the quarterly executive committee and annually by the general committee. The committee members are from the senior management team – either member of the BoD or working as the head of any department. This committee gets run by a definite Terms of Reference (ToR) and has the duration for 24 months. More information on the members of this committee, its ToR, activities, and procedures of making recommendations can be found upon request.