Behavior Change Communication (BCC)

BCC is a crucial part of Eminence as the majority of our work reflects upon the promotion of changing behavioral patterns among the subjects for the benefit of our society as a whole. Each project and program of Eminence serves to ensure positive behavioral changes among the targeted audiences. An example can be illustrated with our Alive & Thrive Small Grants Program through which early childhood feeding practices by the mothers were observed and then altered with trained workers to increase the rate of initiation of breastfeeding within an hour of a child’s birth and increase the rate of early month’s breastfeeding. As our main mission includes the creation, promotion, dissemination, and translation of evidence-based knowledge into practice to ensure health justice and developmental sovereignty, BCC proves to be most beneficial for all that fall under the umbrella work of Eminence.

Identifying the intended audience’s current stage of behavior change helps tailor approaches and messages to their information needs. Eminence thus creates tailored messages that seek to move the intended audience from its current stage to the next stage. Knowing the audience’s current stage also helps the program to gauge how much change is possible and to set realistic objectives.

Series of BCC materials have also been developed from our forums and program activities. Eminence prepares and disseminates a monthly bulletin under NCDP among the community members of Mirpur areas of Dhaka City. We have translated booklets, posters, and other BCC materials in Bangla for observing “World Diabetes Day ” with support from the International Diabetes Federation. Moreover, a model document for Workplace-Based Non-Communicable Diseases Prevention Programme in Garments Factories of Bangladesh alongside a set of flip- charts, and fact-sheets are also developed and disseminated by Eminence in partnership with the World Health Organization.