Eminence takes pride in its work for urban health, maternal and child health, geriatric health, children’s right, empowerment among the neglected and much more. Its Community Clinic Program (ECCP), Urban Demographic and Health Surveillance Program (UDHSP), Non Communicable Program (NCDP), Infant and Young Child Feeding Program (IYCFP) and PROVATEE (Eminence Early Childhood Development Program) are instances of the keystones of Eminence’s working locations and population coverage.

Eminence envisions enhancing its strength for acquiring the ability to help and support those who are most neglected and empower them in the process. Eminence aims to reach out to the unreachable with the vision to build a society of people living in equity and healthy justice. This cannot be possible without your support. Lend a hand to those in dire need. Help us to give back.

Bank Details

Account Name: Eminence Associates for Social Development
Account Number: CD 011-0035132007
Account Currency: BD Taka
Name of the Bank: One Bank Limited
Branch: Mirpur Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Swift Code: ONE BB DD H 011





Social Presence