Eminence Associates for Social Development (EASD) emerged as a not-for-profit organization with its brand name ‘Eminence’.

Starting its journey by renting a small table in another office, with two person and no other resources, the foundation of this organization started with a dream. A dream to change the course of tomorrow.  A dream of making a better Bangladesh. This dream has kept the journey towards a better tomorrow livable. Years passed and the office space grown from one table to one room, then two rooms, then three rooms, one floor and now it has a head office of 7000 square feet and two floors, with three separate offices - Red Life, Guava and Spike Apple. We now have four mini clinics for providing health services to urban poor.

Recently, we have branched out in Jamalpur with a boutique. Indeed, the organization has grown big and so did the dreams!

From day one of its existence, the organization aimed to reach out to the communities and for this it has always believed in human resources. Thus, the first work that Eminence did, was organizing a training session for occupational health among the health workers. Another foundation of Eminence is to generate evidence and based on that Eminence moved towards doing monitoring and evaluation activities for national and international organizations. In addition, with the course of time it started implementing urban community based surveillance system for regular evidence generation. Today the organization has moved towards service delivery in those areas based on the evidences generated by the surveillance system.

As a thematic focus, the organization has chosen health, nutrition, food security, education, climate change, water and sanitation, governance, poverty, livelihood and human rights realm of Bangladesh alongside contributing its potential to invigorate the existing development system. Today, it is a vibrant, rapidly growing NGO that strives to bring about a progressive Bangladesh where people can live in health equity. Eminence envisions reinforcing an extensively and intensively participatory society that will be sustainable in terms of healthcare, education, and economy, locally as well as globally.

Since its inception, Eminence has emphasized working in the areas of research, program, training, behavior change communication, advocacy, and influential marketing all over Bangladesh. In collaboration with academic and research institutions throughout the world, Eminence conducts research as well as program-based activities to create, promote, disseminate and translate evidence-based knowledge into practice. Read more......




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