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  • Health:
    • Global Conference on Community Health 2013: Convened and hosted by Eminence and Partners for World Health, the conference aimed to focus on quality, patient safety, technology and innovation as important tools for health care providers caring for vulnerable populations.
    • Completed a number of significant assignments successfully entitled ‘AMAR MA (My Mother- Awareness rising among Mothers And Relatives for healthy Mother And baby)’, ‘Mother-friendly urban workplace model to support working mothers in appropriate Infant and Young Child Feeding’ and ‘A randomized double –blind placebo controlled trail for the evaluation of a polycap, low dose aspirin and vitamin D supplementation in primary prevention, International Polycap study (3)’.
    • Enhancing the capacity of 6000 community pharmacists around the country through provided 200 orientations on family planning methods around the country funded by The Social Marketing Company (SMC).
  • Food Security:
    • Successfully completed Food Security Assessment in Leda Makeshift Settlement in Tekhnaf Upazilla under Cox’s Bazar District.
  • Non Communicable Diseases:
    • Contributing to the Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS) 2011 Policy Brief on Non Communicable Diseases funded by USAID and managed by NIPORT and ICF International (USA).
    • The study entitled ‘Close to Heart: Educating Patients for a Healthy Heart, Healthy Life’ supported by Sanofi Bangladesh in order to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices among patients.
  • Nutrition:
    • Developing Action Plan for Improving Hand Washing Behavior Linked to Child Feeding: Funded by Alive and Thrive and facilitated by Eminence, an interactive workshop was organized under the Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE) and Institute of Public Health Nutrition (IPHN).
  • Communicable Diseases:
    • The study entitled ‘Understanding the Risks of HIV Infection Among Wives of Migrant Workers’ funded by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Sustainable Development:
    • Organized Global Meet on Sustainable Development 2013 Under the leadership of the Citizen Forum on Sustainable Development and Eminence in collaboration with the Department of Development Studies of the University of Dhaka, Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) and Dhaka School of Economics,
  • Family Planning:
    • The study of ‘Evaluating the Effect of Infotainment for Family Planning Method Utilization’ to discover if using infotainment is an effective tool for family planning.
  • Communications:
    • Media Monitoring for Better Program Outcome’ funded by Save the Children.
    • project initiated by Save the Children for young campaigners’ assessment.
    • eHealth Pilot in Bangladesh’ project under the leadership of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare aiming to strengthen the capacity of field workers for delivering behavior change messages funded by USAID. 




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