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Terms of Reference for the supply and Delivery of various Goods


  1. 1.      Introduction

Eminence Associates for Social Development (EASD) emerged as a not-for-profit organization with its brand name ‘Eminence’ to reach out the health, nutrition, education, climate change, governance, poverty, livelihood, food security and human rightsrealm of Bangladesh alongside contributing itspotential to invigorate the existing developmentsystem. Today, Eminence is a vibrant, rapidly growingNGO, who strives to bring about a progressiveBangladesh where people live in health equity.Eminence envisions reinforcing an extensively andintensively participatory society that will besustainable in terms of healthcare, education andeconomy locally as well as globally.

Since its inception in 2003, Eminence started its venture as a non-profit organization with a vision of creating a society where the people live in equity and health justice by their maximum potential. Eminence has emphasized working in the areas of Research, Program, Training, Behavior Change Communication,Advocacy and Influential Marketing all over Bangladesh. In collaboration with academic and research institutions throughout the world, Eminence conducts research as well as program-based activities to create, promote, disseminate and translate evidence based knowledge into practice ensuring health justice and developmental sovereignty.

  1. 2.     Eminence’s Sister Concerns

Despite the global concentration on sustainable development, social sustainability is the least defined and least understood of the different ways of approaching sustainability and sustainable development. Because of its broad and diversified spectrum, social sustainability has had considerably less attention in public dialogue than economic and environmental sustainability. Eminence’s concept of "social sustainability" encompasses social equity, livability, health equity, community development, social capital, social support, human rights, labor rights, social responsibility, social justice, cultural competence, community resilience, and human adaptation.

To achieve the dream of sustainable community, Eminence has started several initiatives apart from SHOSTI, which also will cover some key areas of social sustainability:

  1. a.       Spike Apple: Eminence has created this brand with a dream to ensure safe and healthy food consumption while bringing economic sustainability through empowering women with better employment opportunities, income generating activities and increased aptitudes.
  1. b.      Red Life:The brand RED LIFE is a symbolic expression of protection of dignity for red light areas’ women and children into a green future. They will change their life and inspire change for others. RED LIFE is a brand name of socially excluded groups aiming to protect human rights for all rights to decent work, rights to freedom, rights to education, rights to health, rights to live, rights to dream, and so on.
  1. c.       School for Social Development:To make opportunity for children in the community to avail their rights to education through an appropriate education system, Eminence initiated this program. The institution’s endeavor will be to provide child friendly quality education for under privileged children in economical sustainable way in urban areas of Bangladesh while developing a model of cross financing system for the sustainability of education for children irrespective to their social and economic status.SSD have multi-faceted academic and social activities alongside formal academic curriculum. SSD aims at developing at least hundreds of campuses in different areas of the country with same brand name, curriculum, technical support and technology. It is established with a philosophy to developideal citizens and leaders of the country by providing formal and non-formal education and value added environment to the children from their early childhood.
  1. d.      Pumpkin Limited:To ensure shelter for all especially the people who migrated in the urban areas for environmental disasters, limited income citizens and elderly people who have no where to stay, Eminence has started this initiative with a vision to empower consumers with the most thorough information in the market and get them in contact with the developers, agents, and property owners.
  1. e.      Healthy and Beauty:The Healthy and Beauty is an initiative of Eminence which envision to bring pharmaceutical and consumer products under one roof aiming at the middle class consumers. This novel initiative aims to ensure quality products with the highest discounted price at the doorsteps of the community.
  1. 3.     Objective of the Terms of Reference:

For smooth functioning and problem free operation in every sector of the organization we need supplies of different products, materials, equipments, and accessories as and when needed. In connection with this, Eminence is looking for potential and competent bidders and suppliers for providing necessary items.

  1. 4.     Scopes of Work
  1. It will be expected of the service provider to receive and translate orders and deliver in terms of the stipulated time frame and agreed Service Level Agreement.
  2. The service provider will be expected to provide services for the duration of the contract.
  1. The service provider will be required to deliver orders to the regional offices stationed in eleven (11) districts at no additional costs. The service provider will be provided with the physical address of a respective regional office as per request/Order.
  1. 5.     Outputs/Outcomes
  1. Deliver stationery to the Head Office and other branch, regional offices within agreed time frames.
  2.  Ensure availability to respond to any queries that may arise during the contract period pertaining to supply goods.
  1. 6.     Evaluation Process:

The purchase committee of eminence will evaluate the vendors for giving the contract after last date of bid submission as per the following process. Each panel member will rate each individual criterion on the score sheet using the following scale:


Value Description


Excellent Meets and exceeds the functionality requirements


Very Good Above average compliance to the requirements


Good Satisfactory and should be adequate for stated element


Average Compliance to the requirements


Poor Unacceptable, does not meet set criteria


  1. 7.     Mandatory Requirement From Supplier/Vendor:

The form should be typewritten in and completed clearly and accurately ensuring that all questions are answered.

1.1      Full name of Company

1.2      Full postal address

1.3      Telephone number

1.4      E-mail Address

1.5      FAX Number

1.6      Web Address, if any

1.7      If you are an authorized dealer of any company, please provide that company name

1.8      If you are representative, local agent any company please provide that company

1.9      Provide name, designation, contract number and e-mail addresses of your contract that    will communities with Eminence


1.10           Indicate the year in which the organization was established

1.11           Indicate the total number of full -time personnel in the Company

1.12           Provide trade license/registration number under which the Company is registered and

validity period of the license. Please attach photocopy of the certificate

1.13           Provide E-TIN number and attach photocopy of update certificate

1.14           Provide VAT Registration number and photocopy of update certificate

1.15          Profile of your company and specialization



2.1 Please provide your company bank details i.e. title, account number, bank and branch name

      2.2 Please indicate the year of experience your present business

2.3 List any Quality Assurance Certificates (BSTI or ISO 9000 series) that have been issued to    your Company, and provide a copy of the latest certificates

2.4 Please list up to 10 of the core goods/services offered. And also 10 clients name which    you are enlisted vendor or provide significant amount of quality goods from above items

2.5 This form should be signed by the person completing it, and their name and title should be typed, along with the date

2.6 Enlistment is limited to those firms who have an established business in particular group(s) of supplies and materials and have office/showroom/shop/printing press/advertising firms in Dhaka city.

2.7 The firm(s) who does not have active email address and telephone (cell phone) in their office premises needs not to apply. Firm(s) having land phone and Fax might be given preference

2. 8 Materials brought for delivery shall be examined, weighted, counted and measured as deemed necessary by the persons authorized by the Eminence. Any item found below the standards specified/set by this Organization or inferior than the sample provided with the price quotation shall be rejected and the rejected materials should be taken back by the Vendors/Manufacturers/Producers/Suppliers/TravelAgents/Press/Advertising firms without delay at his/her own cost. Repetition of attempt to supply sub-standard materials might lead to cancellation of the enlistment

2. 9 Three copies of the original (not photocopy) challan/bill should be submitted to the receiving officer at the time of delivery of goods stating the purchase/work order number and date. Receiving officer/ Store Officer will sign challan/invoice/bill and return one copy to the party

2. 10 The decisions of the management of Eminence will be final in case of any dispute between  the Vendors/Manufacturers/Producers/Suppliers/Travel Agents/Press/Advertising firms and the Organization regarding the enlistment/contract


  1. 8.     Timeframes and Formal Contract:


 The enlistment will be done for at least two years. The validity of enlistment can be further renewed based on performance and provision of service.


  1. 9.     Contact Details:


Vendor Enlistment Application can be submitted at the following address:


 Chief Executive Officer,

HenaNibash, 3/6 Asad Avenue,

Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207


Administration Office at 7/ 5, Block-B,

Lalmatia, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207.


11. Application:

 For Enlistment as a vendor at Eminence the vendor should have to apply for enlistment through formal application as proscribed by eminence.

12. Standards:

For Enlistment as a vendor at Eminence the vendor should have to maintain minimum standards set by the authority of eminence.

13. Inspections, tests and analysis:

Eminence shall not receive any items without prior Inspections, test and analysis by the respective people of eminence.

14. Delivery and documents:

The vendor will deliver required items as per purchase order with proper documents -three copies of the original (not photocopy) challan/bill should be submitted to the receiving officer at the time of delivery of goods stating the purchase/work order number and date. Receiving officer/ Store Officer will sign challan/invoice/bill and return one copy to the party

15. Transportation:

Vendor will supply all the supplied goods by their own transport at ay mention location by Eminence.

16. Warranty:

Eminence will not receive any supplied goods, products & equipment without warranty by the manufacturer/ supplier


17. Payment:

Eminence will make all the payment trough account payee cheque or BFTN


18. Contract amendments: 

Contracts will amend after certain period by mutual understanding of both parties.


  1. 10.                        List of Item for which Enlistment is Sought


Eminence with its Head office and other sister concerns’ offices in Dhaka and with Regional offices located in Eleven (11) districts require the service for the supply and delivery of various products, materials, reagents and stationery items for a period of Two (2) years.


Our required product lists are as follows:


  1. A.   Office Stationary Items

1)      A-4 Paper,

2)      Gumtape (white3'')

3)      Eraser

4)      Register Book

5)      Pencil

6)      Push pin

7)      Seminar File(Plastic Pocket file)

8)      Report Cover File (Plastic File)

9)      Ring file

10)  Ruller

11)  Stapler Pin

12)  Stapler Machine

13)  Rexene Tape (Black2'')

14)  Attendance Book

15)  Glue

16)  Board Marker

17)  Permanent Marker

18)  Sharpner

19)  Musking Tape

20)  Calculator

21)  Pen

22)  Stapler Pin Remover


  1. B.    Medical Equipment

23)  Ultra sonogram machine 

24)  X ray Machine

25)  ECG Machine

26)  Nebulizer

27)    Stethoscope

28)    B.P Machine

29)    M. R  Set

30)    Auto Clave Machine

31)    Dressing Dram

32)    Sterilizer

33)  Centrifugal Machine

34)    Colorimeter

35)    Microscope

36)  Gluco  meter

37)    E. S.R  Stand

38)    Timer

39)    Weight Machine


  1. C.    Drugs


Drugs for the following conditions but not limited to :

40)  Acne

41)  ADHD


43)  Allergies

44)  Alzheimer's

45)  Angina

46)  Anxiety

47)  Arthritis

48)  Asthma

49)  Bipolar Disorder

50)  Bronchitis

51)  Cancer

52)  Cholesterol

53)  Colds & Flu

54)  Constipation

55)  COPD

56)  Depression

57)  Diabetes (Type 1)

58)  Diabetes (Type 2)

59)  Diarrhea

60)  Eczema

61)  Erectile Dysfunction

62)  Fibromyalgia

63)  Gastrointestinal

64)  GERD (Heartburn)

65)  Gout

66)  Hair Loss

67)  Heart Disease

68)  Hepatitis A

69)  Hepatitis B

70)  Herpes

71)  Hypertension

72)  Hypothyroidism

73)  Incontinence

74)  IBD (Bowel)

75)  Insomnia

76)  Menopause

77)  Mental Health

78)  Migraine

79)  Osteoarthritis

80)  Osteoporosis

81)  Pain

82)  Psoriasis

83)  Rheumatoid Arthritis

84)  Schizophrenia

85)  Seizures

86)  Sexual Health

87)  Stroke

88)  UTI

89)  Weight Loss


  1. D.    Laboratory Equipment

90)  Analyzer Machine

91)  Blood Pressure Machine

92)  Small Analyzers

93)  Chemistry

94)  Chemistry Point of Care

95)  Hematology

96)  Immunoassay

97)  Specialty Lab

98)  Other Lab Equipment

99)  Exam Room Equipment

100)          OR/Procedure Room Equipment

101)          Extended Service Agreements

102)          Office Planning & Setup

103)          ConnectHEALTH Digital Connectivity

104)          eZScan Barcode Scanner

105)          Inventory Optimization Solutions (IOS)

106)          TechCentral - Advanced Technology Solutions and Services

107)          ProRepair

108)          Resource Center

109)          About Henry Schein

110)          Specialty Sites


  1. E.   Laboratory Reagent Supply


111)          Immunohistochemistry Reagents for Pathology

112)          Histology-Cytology Reagents for Pathology

113)          Cell Lysis& Organelle Isolation Reagents

114)          Chromatography Specific Reagents

115)          Air Quality & Water Analysis Reagents

116)          Spectroscopy & Elemental Analysis UV-Vis & Vis Reagents

117)          HPLC Solvents

118)          Protein Purification Buffers & Accessory Reagents

119)          Denaturing Agents

120)          Detergents &Solubilizers

121)          Electrophoresis Reagents & Buffers

122)          Fixation &Permeabilization Reagents

123)          Flow Cytometer Buffers & Reagents

124)          General Buffers for Life Science

125)          General Chemicals for Life Science

126)          Immunoassay Buffers & Reagents

127)          Microscopy Reagents

128)          Molecular Biology Enzyme Buffers

129)          DNA⁄RNA Storage & Nuclease Control Reagents

130)          DNA⁄RNA Reagents

131)          Reducing Agents

132)          Sequencing Buffers & Reagents

133)          Water


  1. F.    Furniture and Fixture

134)          Chair-Arm

135)          Table Large

136)          Table Small

137)          Doctors Table

138)          Bed (Patient)

139)          File Cabinet

140)          Large Cabinet

141)          Show Case

142)          Cubicles



  1. G.  Cleaning Materials

143)          Soap for hand wash (Mini Lux)

144)          Vim

145)          Dish Buket

146)          Dish Metal Ball

147)          Papos

148)          Handel Brush

149)          Broom( Jharo)

150)          Toilet Tissue

151)          Lizol

152)          Harpic Liquid

153)          Liquid Soap

154)          Wheel powder

155)          Shampoo (For Car)

156)          Gamsa for Cars

157)          Duster for Car


  1. H.  Computer and IT Equipment and Materials

158)          Desktops

159)          Notebooks

160)          Tablets

161)          Handhelds

162)          Printers

163)          Scanners

164)          Card Readers

165)          Cameras

166)          Wide variety of cables including network, fiber, parallel, serial, USB, FireWire, SATA, telephone, coax, AV, speaker, HDMI, VGA, DVI, KVM, electrical/power etc

167)          Media products

168)          Software

169)          Memory Cardsand Accessories

170)          Power Banks,

171)          Hard Drive

172)          Audio & Video Accessories 

173)          Blank Media 

174)          Cable Security Devices 

175)          Cables & Interconnects 

176)          Cleaning & Repair 

177)          Computer Cable Adapters 

178)          Game Hardware 

179)          Hard Drive Accessories 

180)          Input Devices 

181)          Keyboards, Mice & Accessories 

182)          Monitor Accessories 

183)          Printer Accessories 

184)          Printer Ink & Toner 

185)          Scanner Accessories 

186)          Surge Protectors 

187)          USB Gadgets 

188)          Uninterruptible Power Supply

189)          Video Projector Accessories 


  1. I.      Vehicle Materials and Equipment


Car Electronics & GPS

190)           Car Audio & Video

191)           Car Speakers & Subwoofers

192)           Car Security

193)           Radar Detectors

194)           All Car Electronics

195)           GPS


Performance Parts & Accessories

196)           Brake System

197)           Exhaust System

198)           Filters

199)           Fuel System

200)           Ignition Parts

201)           Shocks & Struts

202)           Suspension

203)           All Performance Parts & Accessories

Replacement Parts

204)           Body & Trim

205)           Brake System

206)           Exhaust System

207)           Filters

208)           Lighting

209)           Shocks & Struts

210)           Suspension & Chassis

211)           Wiper Blades

212)           All Replacement Parts

Interior Accessories

213)           Air Fresheners 

214)           Antitheft 

215)           Apparel 

216)           Ashtrays 

217)           Automobilia 

218)           Compasses 

219)           Consoles & Organizers 

220)           Covers 

221)           Cup Holders 

222)           Door Entry Guard 

223)           Electrical Appliances 

224)           Floor Mats & Cargo Liners 

225)           Garbage Cans 

226)           Gauges 

227)           Grab Handles 

228)           Gun Racks 

229)           Insulation & Noise Control 

230)           Key Chains 

231)           Mirrors 

232)           Pedals & Pedal Accessories 

233)           Safety 

234)           Seat Covers & Accessories 

235)           Shift Boots & Knobs 

236)           Steering Wheels & Accessories 

237)           Sun Protection 

Exterior Accessories

238)        Car Covers

239)       Deflectors & Shields

240)       Grilles & Grille Guards

241)       Lights & Accessories

242)       Running Boards & Steps

243)       Towing Products & Winches

244)       All Exterior Accessories

Tires & Wheels

245)        Car Wheels

246)       Truck Wheels

247)       SUV Wheels

248)       Car, Truck & SUV Tires

249)       Accessories

250)       Snow Chains

251)       Snow Chain Buying Guide

252)       Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS)

253)       Wheel & Tire Care

254)       All Wheels & Tires

Car Care

255)        Car Care Kits

256)       Exterior Care

257)       Glass Care

258)       Interior Care

Tools & Equipment


  1. J.     Vehicle Parts and Supply


Tools & Equipment

259)        Diagnostic & Test Tools

260)        Air Bag Scan Tools & Simulators 

261)        Battery Testers 

262)        Code Readers & Scan Tools 

263)        Electrical Testers & Test Leads 

264)        Emissions Analyzers 

265)        Fuel Pressure Testers 

266)        Gas Analyzers 

267)        Ignition Testers 

268)        Lab Scopes 

269)        Mechanical Testers 

270)        Multimeters& Analyzers 

271)        Pressure & Vacuum Testers 

272)        Software 

273)        Thermometers 

274)        Timing Lights (161)

275)        Air Conditioning Tools & Equipment 

276)        Applicators 

277)        Body Repair Tools 

278)        Brake Repair Tools 

279)        Brake Tools 

280)        Bushing Tools 

281)        Clutch Alignments Tools 

282)        Cooling & Water Pump Tools 

283)        Diagnostic & Test Tools 

284)        Drive Train Tools 

285)        Electrical System Tools 

286)        Engine Tools 

287)        Flywheel Locks 

288)        Fuel System Tools 

289)        Hand Tools 

290)        Hose Repair Kits 

291)        Impact Wrenches 

292)        Jump Starters, Battery Chargers & Portable Power 

293)        Lockout Kits 

294)        Measuring Tools 

295)        Muffler Tools 

296)        Oil System Tools 

297)        Oxygen Sensor Removers 

298)        Parts Washers 

299)        Pullers 

300)        Riveters 

301)        Spark Plug & Ignition Tools 

302)        Steering & Suspension Tools 

303)        Strut Compressors 

304)        Thread Repair Kits 

305)        Tire & Wheel Tools 

306)        Tire Air Compressors & Inflators 

307)        Tool Boxes 

308)        Tool Sets 

309)        Tool Trays 

310)        Welding Tools 

311)        Windshield Wiper Tools 


  1. K.  Electronic Equipment and Accessories


TV, Audio & Home Theater

312)          LCD HDTVs

313)          LED HDTVs

314)          Plasma HDTVs

315)          3D HDTVs

316)          Smart HDTVs

317)          Streaming Media Players

318)          Blu-ray Disc Players

319)          TV-DVD Combos

320)          Portable & Novelty TVs

321)          Projectors

322)          Home Audio & Home Theater

323)          Audio & Video Accessories

Camera, Photo & Video

324)          Digital SLRs

325)          Lenses

326)          Point-and-Shoots

327)          Compact System Cameras

328)          Camcorders

329)          Digital Frames

330)          Professional Video

331)          Accessories

Business & Office Electronics

332)          Calculators

333)          Calendars & Organizers

334)          Drawer Organizers

335)          Ink & Toner

336)          Paper

337)          Printers

338)          Scanners

339)          Shredders

340)          Telephones

341)          Cellphones

342)          Fax Machines


Portable Audio & Accessories

343)          iPods

344)          MP3 Players

345)          MP3 Speaker Docks

346)          MP3 Player Accessories


  1. L.   Food, Fish, Meat and Fruits

347)          Baby Foods 

348)          Breads & Bakery 

349)          Breakfast Foods 

350)          Candy & Chocolate 

351)          Canned, Jarred & Packaged Foods 

352)          Coffee, Tea & Beverages 

353)          Condiments & Salad Dressings 

354)          Cooking & Baking 

355)          Dried Beans, Grains & Rice 

356)          Food & Beverage Gifts 

357)          Frozen 

358)          Herbs, Spices & Seasonings 

359)          Jams, Jellies & Sweet Spreads 

360)          Olives, Pickles & Relishes 

361)          Packaged Meals & Side Dishes 

362)          Pasta & Noodles 

363)          Prepared Foods 

364)          Produce 

365)          Sauces&Gravies 

366)          Snack Foods 

367)          Soups, Stocks & Broths 

368)          Dairy, Cheese & Eggs 

369)          Meat & Seafood 

370)          Vegetables

371)          Fruits


M. Food Service Equipment & Supplies

372)        Commercial Espresso Machines & Coffee Makers 

373)        Commercial Food Storage 

374)        Commercial Restaurant Sinks 

375)        Concession & Vending Equipment 

376)        Cooking Equipment 

377)        Cooking Equipment Accessories 

378)        Dishwashing Equipment 

379)        Display 

380)        Disposables 

381)        Food & Dish Transport 

382)        Food Merchandisers 

383)        Food Preparation Equipment 

384)        Food Warmers 

385)        Menu & Check Displayers 

386)        Refrigeration Equipment 

387)        Restaurant Furniture 

388)        Shelves & Racks 

389)        Worktables & Workstations 


  1. N.   Consumer Health products

390)        Gas Relief 

391)        Nicotine Patches 

392)        Laxatives 

393)        Health Care 

394)        Foot Creams & Lotions 

395)        Skin Care Products 

396)        Lotions 

397)        Balms & Moisturizers 

398)        Cold & Flu Relief 

399)        Medical Supplies & Equipment 

400)        Vitamins & Dietary Supplements 

401)        Baby & Child Care 

402)        Household Supplies 

403)        Oral Care 

404)        Personal Care 

405)        Sexual Wellness 

406)        Sports Nutrition 

407)        Stationery & Party Supplies 

408)        Vision Care 

409)        Wellness & Relaxation 


  1. O.  Cosmetic and Beauty Care Products



410)          Body 

411)          Eyes 

412)          Face 

413)          Lips 

414)          Makeup Palettes 

415)          Makeup Remover 

416)          Makeup Sets 

417)          Nails 

Skin Care

418)          Face

419)          Eyes

420)          Lip Care

421)          Bath & Body

422)          Hands & Feet

423)          Derma Skin Care

424)          Cleansing Tools

Hair Care

425)          Shampoo

426)          Conditioner

427)          Styling Products

428)          Hair Color

429)          Styling Tools


Tools & Accessories

430)        Hair Tools

431)       Makeup Brushes

432)       Nail Tools

433)       Bags & Cases

434)       Cleansing Tools

Perfume & Cologne

435)        For Her

436)       For Him



  1. P.    Life Style and Garments Products

437)          Clothing

438)          Shoes

439)          Jewelry

440)          Watches

441)          Handbags & Wallets

442)          Accessories

443)          Contemporary & Designer

444)          Juniors

445)          Maternity

446)          Petite

447)          Plus-Size

448)          Uniforms, Work & Safety

  1. Q.  Service:

449)          Legal Audit Service

450)          Financial Audit Service

451)          Security Service

452)          Vehicle Maintenance

453)          Printing Materials

 Annex A- Vendor Enlistment Form


  1. Name of the Company


  1. Address:






Telephone/Cell No:






Year of Establishment:



  1. Name of Contact Person


Telephone/Cell No:




  1. Company’s Financial Turnover in last 3 years:







SECTION-B: Products Offered for Enlistment

  1. Code of the Offered Product:


  1. Product Description:


  1. Sub Classification/Product Details:


  1. Major Customers with References:


Contact Person

Designation of Contact





















I/We do hereby confirm that no employee or direct relation with any employee of Eminence or its sister concerns is in anyway connected as Employee/Consultant/Advisor/ partner with us.

We do hereby certify that the information furnished are correct to the best of our knowledge.

We undertake to inform you at the earliest any change in details mentioned above.












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