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On May 31, 2014 team members of Eminence assembled at Bashundhara Convention Center to participate in the  ‘Eradicate Extreme Poverty Day Fair 2014’. Shiree, Manusher Jonno Foundation and World Food Programme (WFP) partnered to raise awareness around extreme poverty. The ‘Eradicate Extreme Poverty fair was a public event in support of the Manifesto for the Extreme Poor which demands the complete eradication of extreme poverty from Bangladesh by the end of 2021. Representatives from the government, donors, NGOs, private sectors and poor communities participated and voiced their commitment to the Manifesto. The fair featured 100 stalls showcasing NGO projects targeting the extreme poor, private sector initiatives, research initiatives and GoB work. Mr. Moshiur Rahman, M. P. State Minister, Ministry of LGRD opened the fair. Eminence joined this fair and decorated its stall with about 100 types of printed materials including Eminence Profile, Annual Report, Strategy paper, different types of Behavioral Change Communication brochures, leaflets, guideline books for hypertension patients, various types of cancer related brochures, a storybook of Cancer Warriors where cancer patients’ short histories were aggregated. Eminence has eight departments and the stall displayed the profile of all departments. Video documentary about Eminence, its work and also some television programs where team members of Eminence joined, moments from the Global Conference on Community Health and Global Meet on Sustainable Development were shown at the stall. The most interesting thing was Eminence opened a Comments Book and visitors from different organizations who visited the stall wrote comments about Eminence Stall including  how they feel about it, what was the most attractive items in the stall, and how it can enrich the work in near future. Eminence distributed all types of communication materials among the audiences. A few concerns of Eminence also attended the fair. The Bangladesh Summit on Sustainable Development team hosted a stall to share information on the upcoming conference with passers-by.  Several visitors visited the stall and expressed interest in participating.  The event was attended by students, donors, NGOs, public officials, and general public. In order to promote this mission and share the important link between poverty reduction and nutrition, Spike Apple attended the Eradicate Extreme Poverty Day 2014. Also, the other concerns, Guava, Redlife, HOSTI Clinic and ICUH 2015 attended the event. Eminence is the secretariat of Non Communicable Disease Forum, Common Interest Group Against Cigarette, Bangladesh Cancer Support Group and Bangladesh Civil Society Network for Promoting Nutrition. Membership Form of these four forums and network was distribute. The day long program included an Innovation Pavilion and Technical Sessions. Almost 66 organizations participated with 100 stalls in addition to some knowledge sharing campaigns.




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