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Eminence and Partners for World Health, USA jointly organized a health camp in Kandapara Brothel, Tangail. The camp was held for 9 days with Dr. Jennifer Friedman and  nurse Mandy Rodney.  They  provided health services to the sex workers. From 19th March to 17th March a total of 187 patients were checked and treated by the respected doctors. To conduct the research, three social workers on behalf of Partners for World Health were present and interviewed the sex workers. Four team members from Eminence were there for  interpretation. Since the sex workers are very underprivileged and do not have proper access to health care services, they mostly suffer from different sexually transmitted diseases, skin irritation and so on. Due to lack of knowledge, they do not use condom properly and take steroids to look them fat and healthy. Representatives from Partners for World Health, tried to provide proper medication to the sex workers and most importantly they tried to raise awareness among all the sex workers in that brothel. They held a courtyard meeting with the madams of the brothel and talked about ‘warts’ which is a very common problem of sex workers. They also talked about the necessity of using free condoms and the disadvantages of taking steroids. They did three surgeries there and want to do more surgeries. According to them, health services and medications should be fully free for the sex workers since their incomes ares not adequate for  additional costs like health treatment. Since the visit was short, they could not accommodate all the patients;they are hoping that they will continue their support in the future and they plan on returning to the brothel.




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