Bangladesh Civil Society Network for Promoting Nutrition (BCSNPN)

Being one of the 36 high burden countries in terms of malnutrition, Bangladesh is still in the fight to improve her nutritional status. Beside local government initiatives, many non-government organizations, civil societies, international organizations and other relevant organizations/ individuals are promoting nutrition services throughout the country to prevent malnutrition. Bangladesh Civil Society Network for Promoting Nutrition (BCSNPN) is a network that brings the civil society members under an umbrella. It acts as a nutrition watch network, which aims to create awareness and effectively support eradication of malnutrition in Bangladesh.

This network provides a strong civil society (CS) platform for scaling up nutrition in Bangladesh, from a very initial stage, to ensure sustainability and ensure wide participation in the nutrition arena. All CS stakeholders have responsibilities towards advocating the Government and supporting other CS groups to ensure ownership and strategic actions to achieve targeted results in the field of nutrition in Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh Urban Health Network (BUHN)

In order to effectively address health concerns of urban population, inline with the World Health Day campaign 2010 of “1000 cities… 1000 lives,” civil society needs to take active part to promote, support and protect health justice to the poor–non-poor and slum–non-slum dwellers of the city. Having realized the imperative requirement of a strong support, fostering and backup as well as an aggregate effort for awareness building and overseeing the proper implications of existing health policy and interventions, Eminence has structured Bangladesh Urban Health Network (BUHN) at national level in collaboration with thirty national and international organizations. The forum intends to play the role of a pressure group as well as policy advocate for creating a platform for the stakeholders in urban health sector to work together for health justice. Eminence will also encourage government’s cooperation in this process for enabling meaningful and lasting public-private partnerships.

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Global Citizens Forum on Sustainable Development (GCFSD)

The Global Citizens’ Forum on Sustainable Development (GCFSD) is an open forum for global civil society to access an informed network of knowledge resources. It exists for people to engage with the challenges in building a sustainable future for all. The Forum seeks to promote the voice of civil society in creating viable and achievable indictors for monitoring the progress of the sustainable development goals. Moreover, GCFSD seeks to empower civil society to promote accountability and action among stakeholders and governing bodies.The goal of the forum is to create the space for promoting and supporting innovative action and productive collaboration to realize sustainable development goals all over the world.

The Global Citizens’ Forum has been successful in developing a network of partners in various sustainable development disciplines in Bangladesh. To date, 26 partners have joined the Forum.The partnering agencies include bilateral and multilateral stakeholders.The Global Citizens’ Forum on Sustainable Development has been active in organizing summits for sustainable development and other outreach activities for promoting a sustainable global future.

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NCDf/Bangladesh NCD-A

Eminence a Bangladesh based not for profit evidence based non government organization, initiated a forum on 16th November, 2009 titled “Non Communicable Diseases Forum (NCD-F)” with the objective to create a platform for the professional bodies of Bangladesh who works for the prevention, control and management of non communicable diseases (NCDs) in Bangladesh. This platform also acts like as a policy advocate and pressure group for the revitalization, formulation, and activation of NCD policies through advocacy in the country. Since 2014, this forum is also working at the Bangladesh Chapter of the NCD Alliance.

Established on November 2009, today, NCD-F is a vibrant, rapidly growing platform of discussion that strives to bring about a progressive Bangladesh where people live in health equity. NCD-F envisions reinforcing an extensively and intensively participatory society that will be sustainable in terms of healthcare and health education locally as well as globally. It is registered under the Joint Stock Company of Bangladesh. Eminence is secretarially supporting the platform.

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