The flagship project of Eminence, SHOSTI aims to serve people with quality services in exchange of low and affordable prices. SHOSTI clinics are considered as the primary service providing centers for the basic and necessary services. From these centers, the comprehensive treatment service is offered with affordable costs with ensuring quality services. The services are general services, mothers and child care, family planning services, non communicable diseases screening and primary treatment, nutrition services, vaccination, oral health services, referral services and diagnostic services. Each of the SHOSTI clinics is legally registered with clinic license, drug license, and pathology license and with all other relevant legal procedure. Through its cross-financing modeling, SHOSTI provides quality health services to registered members with provision to health insurance schemes. After the initial year of establishment for any clinic, community people through different committees do the operational management of the clinics. SHOSTI works in partnership with different organizations and institutions for both government as well as private organizations. It also has partnership with pharmaceutical companies, Consumer product Companies, government and private hospitals, and clinics. More information on SHOSTI can be found upon request.




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