Eminence has been implementing program on various aspects of ECD and Emancipation (PROVATEE) since 2007 in urban slums and rural areas. Eminence is running six Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers in different slum clusters in the capital city, Dhaka. The ECD project of Eminence is called PROVATEE. Two of the ECD centers are situated in Mirpur 13 (the north western ward of Dhaka city) in its east and west Baisteki Slum while the rest in Mohammadpur (central Dhaka), Beribadh slum areas. Eminence is providing free ECD service to 150 children in those slum areas. Six trained and skilled caregivers are providing care for these children. PROVATEE provides opportunities for enjoyable learning and promote a sense of uniqueness and confidence and this helps children to communicate effectively and boost the interaction skills with others. More information on PROVATEE can be found upon request.




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