Spike Apple a concern of Eminence has been taken initiative envisioning delivering healthy, tasty, nutritious, and balanced food in different scientific meeting, conferences/seminar/workshop, office lunch, government primary schools, colleges, universities and different organization and street food vending by engaging women living in urban slums and developing small entrepreneurship by encouraging middle and upper middle class women to provide homemade food to Spike Apple for sale. This approach empowers women and develops small entrepreneurship by generating income.With its continuing efforts, Spike Apple aims to:

  • Ensure supplies safe, healthy, nutritious, and balanced food for the residence of both South and North areas of PMO premises
  • Offer a variety of different taste, flavor and texture food with minimum price to avoid monotonous of their food choices
  • Create opportunities for job among the catchment slum areas women and small entrepreneurs will be developed from the locality by providing food to this small food corner.
  • Create opportunities for taking order of home delivery services and catering services for any social events (Birthday, wedding, anniversary etc.) or small meetings inside POM offices by providing safe, healthy, and nutritious food.
  • Establish a model, which can be replicate in another similar premises.

More information on Spike Apple can be found upon request.




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