RedLife, a sister concern of Eminence, has taken initiative of a social business to rehabilitate the female sex workers (FSWs) who are willing to abandon the “red zone” and return to the mainstream society. The project aims to establish a full chain of garments industry and pave the way of alternative living for the FSWs who want to leave sex industry. This project provides them the atmosphere conducive towards having dignified lives and a new opportunity to be integrated with the mainstream society gradually. It is to be mentioned that RedLife intends to employ only the female sex workers who wants a new start in their life. They are recruited in the factory and sales outlets for suitable jobs except managerial positions. Primarily garments products are sold through the outlets situated in the project areas of Mirpur 10 of Dhaka city and Jamalpur district town. Several vendors or suppliers of garments products are selected after conducting a survey among the prospective vendors on their capacity, area of business, yearly turn over, and other relevant factors.Besides, 20 female sales agents from the localities of each RedLife project area are selected for marketing and selling the products. These sales agents collect orders and payments displaying available products and pricing and after that work, orders are issued in favor of the respective suppliers. The sales agents receive benefits based on fixed commissions on the selling price of the products. RedLife outlets also display samples of some products with arrangements with the suppliers. People can buy available products from the outlets too. More information on RedLife can be found from this link.




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