The Healthy and Beauty is an initiative that brings pharmaceutical and consumer products under one roof aiming at the middle class consumers. This novel initiative aims to bring quality products with the highest discounted price at the doorsteps of the community. Currently, there are eight outlets at Shirajgonj, Jamalpur, Dinajpur, Noakhali Bogra and Mirpur -13, Mirpur-10 and Mohammadpur of Dhaka. This is a private limited company with majority of its shares held by its board of directors. However, an exceptional feature of this company will be engaging community people in the panel of owner. Since a support group – a committee consists of community people – administers its day-to-day management, grocery shopkeepers, and representative of the outlets, a percentage of the share is being distributed among them. In addition, profit will be shared following the percentage of the ownership. To know more about this entrepreneurship initiative, please contact with Eminence.




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