Together with its members across the world, the American Heart Association (AHA), World Heart Federation (WHF) and National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) has been running the “Go Red for Women” campaign around the world, to improve women’s knowledge of heart disease and stroke so that they can take action and achieve longer, better heart-healthy lives. As a part of their awareness campaign the AHA, WHF and NHLBI introduced the “Red Dress” campaign as a symbol for women and heart disease awareness. This color symbolizes to create synergy to fight this cause and aims to empower women – who are the gatekeepers to the family’s health – with the right knowledge and tools so that they can take better care of their hearts and their families. Eminence as the member of WHF has been mandated by WHF for conducting the campaign in Bangladesh till 2016.

The uniqueness of Eminence’s campaign titles Go Red for Women under the “Fashion for Health” umbrella is involving a brand – Red Life – which revolves around the female sex workers in the campaign. Apart from the health risks of women, Over 10,0000 of women and their children in Bangladesh are leaving an uncertain life with vicious circle of poverty and disgrace. They are the sufferers of a conservative society that leave them behind and exposed to inhumane conditions like the obligation of drug use, lack of access to education and health care, property rights and legal protection, extortion, trafficking, violence, etc. Now, imagine a brand, which is run by sex workers who strive for alternative livelihoods that help their desire of being empowered come in truth. Keeping the motto of Red Life and Go Red for Women, in the middle, Eminence believes that, these two can be blended together for greater achievement. While go red indicates healthy heart, Red life is a symbolic expression of protection of dignity for red light areas' women and children into a green future.

Eminence hereby, conceptualized an idea of bridging the heart campaign with this newly formed brand by organizing an extraordinary fashion show, which will be staged by these courageous women who are striving for a better future. When we talk about raising awareness and harnessing power of women against heart disease, who could do better than these women who are fighting for their rights. Eminence hope that, the bold presence of these socially excluded women in the stage will create significant impact in the Non-communicable disease prevention movement of Bangladesh.

You can also be a part of this initiative. To help the heart to beat, please contact with Eminence.




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