PROVATEE – PRogram On Various AspecTs of ECD and Emancipation, is a unique ECD program of Eminence that emphasizes the requirements of underprivileged children living in the slums. Women, being the head of households and earning member in most of the slum clusters of Dhaka city, are naturally unable to respond to the early childhood needs of their young children. PROVATEE ensures that these children are not left behind by educating and supporting parents, delivering essential early childhood development services to children and developing capacities of caregivers and teachers.


A team of six teachers supported by Eminence is providing free ECD service to 150 children in slum areas and providing opportunities for enjoyable learning and promote a sense of uniqueness and confidence and this helps children to communicate effectively and boost the interaction skills with others.


You can also be a part of this small step towards a big tomorrow. Your sponsorship will ensure an underprivileged child’s early development and secure his/her possibilities for a better future, which in turn will make positive impacts on the national development of Bangladesh.


A sponsor will receive regular updates about PROVATEE and the sponsored child. S/he will also enjoy a unique exchange of writing and receiving letters from the child. The sponsor will be able to visit the centers as well, meet the children, and send photos and postcards. The pictures of the sponsors will also be uploaded on PROVATEE website. However, all visits and interactions will be arranged through Eminence office, for child rights protection reasons.

For more information, please visit the PROVATEE site.




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