Currently Eminence is implementing a community based life style modification intervention along with adherence to medicines among diagnosed NCD patients for delay NCD complications. This project is being implemented among population living with middle income families. The invention has three channels, i) Satellite Clinic, ii) Health Education and iii) Home Visit. Eminence has the monthly household level NCD information from registered patients since 2006. The project is being implemented within a urban context in Mirpur area of Dhaka among 10000 population.

Along with the community based NCD project, Eminence is also implementing a Slum based NCD prevention project, which is basically a health education project by which Eminence aims to prevention of NCDs among slum population. The invention has two channels, i) Satellite Clinic and ii) Health Education. This project is being implemented in very densely population slum in Mirpur area of Dhaka.

Eminence believes that, one of the main avenues of preventing NCDs is through sensitizing worksites of Bangladesh. Thus Eminence is conducting “Corporate Health Camp” in top level corporate houses where the Eminence team identifies and collects information about cardiac diseases precursors from officials working in corporate houses. Till date Eminence has successfully collected information from more than 500 officials working in seven (7) top level corporate houses.

Eminence believes that the success of any project greatly lays on relationships, partnerships and networking. Thus Eminence formulated a forum on November 16, 2009 titled “Non Communicable Diseases Forum (NCD-F)” with the objective to create a platform to ensure the participation of civil society organization (CSO) members, key stakeholders, NCD prevention and control workers, activists, media and mass communication workers and act as the policy advocate to prevent and control NCD in Bangladesh. Eminence works as the secretariat of NCD-F.

Providing palliative care and strengthening the care givers of patients suffering from NCDs, is another of Eminence’s venture. Thus Eminence has started the process of counseling session to the care givers of patients suffering from NCDs in six tertiary level specialized hospitals. This project is being recognized as “Hospital Leadership Program”, where Eminence aims to create leaders in hospitals.





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