Method of Providing Services

All the aforesaid services are being provided with the following methods:

  1. Daily / Regular Service i.e. everyday service (maximum of 25 man days a month)
  2. Weekly Service i.e. once in a week (4 man days in a month)
  3. Fortnightly Service i.e. once in two weeks (2 man days in a month)
  4. Monthly Service i.e. once in a month (1 man day in a month)
  5. Services on Demand Basis i.e. once in a while (Need based)

Eminence provides the necessary services as per prior agreement. Besides the agreement need based services can also be provided with mutual concurrence. Other than manpower support all other cost is on actual basis and be borne by the beneficiary.

Management and Administration

  1. This is a 24 hours service
  2. The routine working period is 8 hours per day
  3. All sort of payment must be done by advance bank transfer other than cost incurred on a regular basis
  4. Yearly subscription (USD 1000) should be paid in advance prior commencing the service
  5. Utility bill gets paid by the beneficiaries on actual basis. Any procurement and transport service should get borne by the beneficiary.
  6. Yearly payment should get paid in advance on a quarterly basis
  7. Provide regular update via email to benefactor
  8. Donation(s) are welcomed in the form of kind or cash


The charges are as follows:




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