The following category of support is being provided through this project:


  1. Management and house keeping
  2. Socio-cultural and religious services
  3. Health care and well-being
  4. Outdoor events
  5. Transport service
  6. Skilled services

Under these different types of support several services are being elaborated in the following section:

Management and House Keeping Support

The following services are being provided under this category:

  1. Assistance for utility bill payment and record keeping – Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone etc.
  2. Assist and support for shopping/marketing
  3. Provide laundry, tailoring, cobbler support
  4. Gardening/flower pot making and maintenance
  5. Passport/visa proceedings including photograph and supporting documents preparation

Socio-cultural and religious support Services

The following services are being provided under this category:

  1. Newspaper reading, give company and befriending
  2. Facilitate communication with overseas benefactor (use of laptop/webcam for audio-visual conversation)
  3. Support for social event arrangement - e.g. in house events, meet ex-colleagues, friends or relatives
  4. Support for arranging special event(s) for beneficiary on request (Milad, Funeral, Anniversary etc.)

Health Care and Well-being Support

The following services are provided under this category:

  1. Develop a health profile, assess and maintain records for follow-up With particular emphasis on old age health problems/conditions (ongoing)
  2. Baseline health check on common health disorder(s) of old age and record keeping. (HTN, Diabetes, Heart disease, Arthritis, Cataract, Visual and Hearing disturbances and others)
  3. Assist and arrange for health check up – periodical and/or need based
  4. Assessment and assistance for dental, ear and eye care
  5. Home based routine health check (baseline followed by ongoing monitoring and record keeping) –body weight, height, BMI (to assess and monitor nutritional status) blood pressure recording, blood sugar, urine and stool routine tests.
  6. Support and assistance for maintenance of personal hygiene – nail and foot care, hair and facial grooming etc.

Outdoor Events Support

The following services are arranged under this category:

  1. Picnic and/or going out for a meal (Chinese, Pizza Hut, McDonald etc)
  2. Get together/small gathering - friends, relatives, ex-colleagues etc.
  3. Visit to historical place/places of interest
  4. Visit to places of religious interest
  5. Site seeing and/or day-out
  6. Morning/evening walk for physical fitness
  7. Indoor/outdoor activities
  8. Provide support and assistance to attend social events/invitations including assistance in purchasing of gifts for invitation purposes

Transport Service

The following services get arranged under this category:

  1. Daily – Taka 2500/- excluding fuel
  2. Hourly – Taka 400/- excluding fuel
  3. Taka 400/- for driver per night (In case of night stay outside Dhaka)





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