Area and Population Out reach

Currently the project is being implemented in Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) areas. But special services can be provided up on request with special rate.

Approach of the Project

The project follows non-profit based intervention approach using young and energetic students who will support for strengthening the society; to provide services to the elderly population. Cultural and social sensitivity has been kept in mind while designing the approach and delivering the service. Prior work schedule gets prepared and updated on a regular basis; and for need based services use of internet/phone or any other means of communication are being practiced. All the current beneficiaries have been included in a database and all relevant information are being preserved and updated on a regular basis.

Service Providers Details

HELP is one of the projects of Eminence created   to provide home based health, nutrition, recreational, utility and regular commodities services designed for elderly parents of Non Resident Bangladeshis through a trained and well motivated young enthusiastic staff.





Social Presence